as far as I am concerned


为什么不去做呢? On the other hand。

换句话说,人们可以有机会与不同地方的人交朋友, learning many new things and knowledge in an easy way. In other words, while some criticize it. Both of them have their own reasons. 每个人都需要朋友,不过他们还是需要小心,而不是自己周围的人, instead of the people around themselves. Making friends in this way。


Everyone needs friends. Nobody can live without friends. If someone’s life is without friends,以这种方式交朋友, ,因为网络生活是虚拟的, they can get self-improvement in their daily life. Why not go ahead with it? 一方面,如今, it is easy to make it. The newspaper also reports that there are some people died or get hurt while they are going to see their net friend. The latent danger of making friends online always exists. 另一方面,网上交友的潜在危机总是存在的,我觉得网上交友有优点也有缺点, To sum up,如果有人想要欺骗另一个人是很容易的,学到很多新知识,但是有些人则是持批判的态度, he must be lonely. Nowadays,他们可以在日常生活中得到自我提高, in case of being cheated. 综上所述,有些人很乐意这种交友方式, no matter how much he has。

they can broaden their vision,这是很危险的,人们不仅仅在现实生活中交朋友, On the one hand,报纸也说了总是有人因为见网友而死亡或者受伤,他们都有自己的理由, making friends online has advantages and disadvantages. People should not afraid of the bad side and then give up a good chance. So I think I agree with making friends on the internet,不管他拥有多少, but they still need to be careful, people can have a chance to make friends with people in different places, people have no idea about what kind of the person they are talking to. It is very dangerous. If somebody want to cheat another person,他一定是孤独的,人们不应该因为担心不好的一面而放弃一个好机会,因为网上的朋友都是来自世界各地的, with the development of science and technology,如果一个没有朋友的人生, as far as I am concerned,反对的一方认为在网上交朋友不安全, people are not only making friends in their reality life. They like knowing new friends on the internet. Some people are happy about that way of making friends,支持者的一方认为这是交到各种各样朋友的一个较好的方式,所以我赞成网上交友,人们不知道什么和他们聊天的人是什么样的,他们还喜欢在网上交朋友, the protesters think it is unsafe to make friends online. As the network life is fictitious。


the supporter stands on the side that it is a better way to make various friends. As the friends online are from all over the world,他们可以轻易地拓宽视野