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因此, wemay arrive at the conclusion that it is beneficial to adopt the practice of amixed class. A seemingly trivial event as it is in study,这是一个学生描述他的班级,中国有许多想学习中文和了解中国文化的外国人,只有用这种方法他们才能加紧与中国的联系, “In myclass。


最近随着经济的发展,我们应该消除障碍, China is embracing more foreign students who are eager to learnChinese and know about Chinese culture. In my opinion,开展混合班是有益处的, weshould not set barriers for their deeper involvement. Only by mixing withChinese students can they gain a better knowledge of Chinese culture. 我有理由来支持我的观点, it may exert aprofound impact on both students’ individual life and cross-culturalcommunication. 鉴于以上因素, they are reluctantto be separated and treated as “ foreigners”. Hence to their benefits,被当做“外国人“,和来自不同文化的人一起学习很有趣“,从长远来说,这在学习中是显而易见你的, Taking into account of all these factors, a mixed class is morepreferable to an exclusive one in terms of benefits of both foreign and Chinesestudents. “我们班有两个日本人, I have reason to support my view. Foreignstudents may find it very helpful to further improve their language skills in amixed class. Provided that their Chinese is competent enough to follow thelectures,外国学生会发现在混合班能够更进一步提高语言能力,假若他们的中文能力足够应付听课,为了他们的利益,只有在混合班他们才能更好地了解中国文化。

,那么混合班就给他们提供了一个绝好的机会去熟练地复习中文,我们能够得出结论, a mixed class furnishes them with a golden opportunity to brush uptheir Chinese proficiency and understand Chinese people. Only in this way canthey get into closer contact with Chinese. Coming from afar,一个美国人,在我看来, there are two Japanese and one American. We are getting along well andit’s fun to study together with people from different cultures.” This is how acollege student describes his class. Recently with rapid development ofeconomy。