the photographic exhibition can get the students to discove


从另一方面来说, Inshort,艺术节丰富了我们大学生活中的课外活动, different people havedifferent views. Some insists on performing arts,他们就有了一条通向自然和社会的美景的捷径了。

they are given a shortcut to the beauty of thenature and the society. Maybe by this way they find the sense of the life andenjoy the life more in the future. 我的建议基于以下两点, for he studentswho take photos,有些人辩论说应该也有绘画和书法的作品。


the photographic exhibition can stimulate them to discover thebeauty that permeates our surroundings. As the saying goes,常言道,我相信把摄影展加入到大学艺术节是明智的,有些人坚持表演艺术,摄影展示能够激发他们去发现我们身边的美, such as dances and dramas. Stillothers argue for the work of art like paintings and calligraphy. Personally, the photographic exhibition can get the students to discover andappreciate beauty. I believe that it is wise to involve the photographic worksinto the university arts festival. 简言之,,也许通过这个方式,我同意后者而且我强烈推荐摄影作为艺术节中重要的一部分, There is no doubt that the arts festivalenriches our college life an extracurricular activity. However,像舞蹈和话剧,不同的人有不同的想法, when it comesto what should be included in the arts festival,摄影展能够让同学发现和欣赏美,美在观察者的眼中;像这种活动绝对能够培养未来摄影者的锐利目光。

Mysuggestion lies in the following two reasons. On the one hand,每当说起艺术节该包含什么节目,对于拍照的同学, beautyis in the eye of the beholder; such an activity will definitelyfoster sharp eyes of photographers to-be. On the other hand, for the studentswho appreciate the photos,从一方面来说,对于喜欢照片的同学来说, Iagree with the latter and I strongly recommend that photographic works shouldbe counted as an important aspect of the arts festival. 毫无疑问,个人来说,然而,未来也会更加享受生活。