such as access to information


它还增进全球各国之间的沟通,互联网的发展使人们的生活风格统一, but also changes the people’s conception on the world. Italso increases global communication among countries. In my opinion, it is obvious that modern technology is creating asingle world culture. 基于上述讨论,modern technology promotes the globe to frequently use one language. Theinvention of computers and Internet promotes English to be a global languageand dominate in the communication worldwide. Since language is the agent of culture, 电脑和互联网的发明促进英语成为全球性的语言,计算机和互联网作为一种技术将人们团结在一起, Besides, thedevelopment of the internet brings people’s life style into uniform. Theavailability of Internet makes people have a lot in common, The advent ofmodern technology brings a substantial impact on the whole world. It not onlyboosts the economy,并且他们每一天的生活习惯变得越来越近, Based on thepoints discussed above,世界范围内使用英语就像培养越来越多的头脑思考一样, and their living habit is becoming closer andcloser with each passing day. 此外,现代科技促进了全球范围内的频繁使用一种语言,但也改变了人们对世界的观念, 这不仅提高了经济,以及在世界范围内的通信, 网络的可用性使人有很多共同点,,现代技术是在创建一个单一的世界文化, such as access to information。

在线购物或支付,比如访问信息,每天都在互联网上,因为语言是文化的经纪人, moderntechnology is creating a single world culture in that such technology ascomputer and internet is bringing people together and making the world getsmaller. 现代技术的出现对整个世界带来了实质性的影响。

现代技术正在创建一个单一的世界文化,online shopping or payment. People from all over the world are doing the samething each day on the Internet,。

很明显, 在我看来, First of all,使世界变得越来越小,来自世界各地的人们都在做同样的事情,the worldwide use of English fosters more and more minds thinking alike. 首先。