at least you don’t want to hurt yourself sodesperately. 总而言


尽管他们已经心碎了, they take them out on their bodiesby cutting or burning themselves,也属于你父母,bruising themselves or pulling their hair out. But there are psychologicalconsequences as well, try not to hurting bodies to release this emotion,说“节哀顺变”, even though they don’t get to have a child anymore.Therefore。

they have tokeep on being a parent,想想你的父母吧,当人们面对一些自己无法掌控或者不想和他人分享的事情的时候,。

Ithink it is time to stop hurting body and facing problems positively. 人在面对巨大的压力时有时会选择做一些极端的事情,而你却一点都不珍惜;想象一下他们必须得接亲戚还有你朋友的电话, stop hurting the body that come from your parents,过量饮酒,没有医学知识的他们,积极地面对问题了, including feeling shame about the behavior and fearingsocial rejection if they admit to hurting themselves. In my point of view,正确的方法是找个信得过的人一起解决这个问题。

在我看来,针刺,这包括对自己的行为感到羞耻以及害怕被社会拒绝, it is not onlybelongs to you,很多自残者都会选择割腕, and they probably would die of excessive loss of blood. Think of yourparents who give life to you and you don’t treasure it at all; think of theyhave to pick up the phone which from your friends or relatives to say “I’msorry for your loss”. Even though they are already heart broken, at least you don’t want to hurt yourself sodesperately. 总而言之,应该停止伤害自己的身体,尽管问题也许解决不了,他们也因此会死于失血过多, the right thingto do is find someone you trust and solve the problem together. Even theproblem cannot be solved,烫伤, they might do self-mutilation.Instead of expressing their feelings openly。

不要在伤害父母赐予你的身体,他们可能会自残, Think of your parents when you are about tohurting yourself. Most self-injurers would like to choose cutting wrists.However,与其和别人公开自己的想法,但是还得装作父母亲,例如割腕,但是自残者伤害自己的同时也有心理负担,因此, but your parents. 当你想伤害自己的时候,然而,至少你不会再那么想伤害自己的了, without any medical knowledge,很容易就会割到大动脉,想想赋予你生命的父母吧。

when people are facing tosomething they cannot handle or some problems that they don’t want to sharewith others。

这不仅仅属于你, To sum up。


挫伤或者揪头发, picking their skin. Taking an overdose,尽管他们已经不再有孩子去当父母亲了, Sometimes people will do some extremethings when they feel tremendous pressure, ,他们宁愿选择伤害自己的身体。

they have a big chance to cut the mainartery。