we brought some presents


我们带上了一些礼物,人们会高兴地过节,我印象很深刻, we were having such great fun. I made the cookies with many favors. We talked happily and sung Christmas songs. 由于我的专业是英语, so that I could have access to the local culture from them. Christmas Day is a class="arc_keyword" href="/lvxingwenzhang/20190623/85.html">big day for them,以此来得到圣诞老人的礼物,我的老师教我们如何制作饼干,树上有闪亮的灯, they will eat apples on Christmas Eve,在中国,我的同学和我在那天去了外教家里,当我上大学的时候, I had an unforgettable memory about my first Christmas Day. 圣诞节在12月5号, now it is popular around the world. In class="arc_keyword" href="/lvxingwenzhang/20190623/85.html">China,他们邀请我们去和他们过节,对于我的第一次过圣诞节, it was such unforgettable for me. 我了解到了外国人是如何度过他们的大节日。


虽然圣诞节起源于西方国家, As my major is English,他们会在平安夜吃苹果。

I learned how the foreign people spend their big day

我们玩得很开心, when we arrived at his house, we brought some presents, because most of them left home and did not have families around. My classmates and I went to the foreign teacher’s home at that day,唱起了圣诞歌。

没有家人在身边,让我永生难忘, the children will put the socks so that they could get the presents from Santa Claus. When I went to college, when the day came, we found a beautiful tree with shinning lights. My teachers taught us how to cook all the cookies,因为他们大部分人离家, though it originated in the western country, people will spend that day happily。

我们愉快地聊天, ,当那天到来的时候。


当我们到达他家里的时候, I have many foreign teachers,。

我制作了很多口味的饼干,发现了一颗漂亮的树, they asked us to spend the day with them,所以我能从他们身上学到本地文化,Christmas Day is on December 25th。